Hybrid VoIP

Some people are going to say, is it VoIP? Answer: Yes, it's VoIP, but it's a new kind of VoIP. We call it Hybrid VoIP. Part of the phone system is hosted among 6 redundant datacenters and part of it is hosted in the clients office. The system uses the best of both worlds to deliver the service.

  • Shares phone lines across locations. (Great for franchises or corporate enterprises that want to share lines or even sell phone service to their locations)
  • Bursts phone lines on demand during busy periods.
  • Each phone extension has a cell phone number associated with it. If the internet is even down or the phone is unplugged, the system is automatically route the call to the cell phone number associated with the phone.
  • Find Me/Follow Me – Have incoming calls ring your desk phone, cell phone, and home phone automatically or in sequence if they want.
  • Setup remote phones for people working from home or on the road.
  • iPhone App is coming soon that will show a directory of everyone at their office and will allow you to make internal or outbound calls straight from the iphone without using your cell minutes. (Using the internet)
  • Software package for your computer that allows receptionists to field calls from a drag and drop interface instead of using the phone.

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